I started this review blog because of my passion for books. I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember, and I felt I owed books some respect for the happiness (and sadness, and escape, and many other things – read my reviews for more 😊) they gave me.

So many book reviews are almost as long as the books themselves, and blurbs insipid and dry. Instead, I aspire to write reviews that are succinct yet insightful.

My reviews have been quoted on other sites, including author Christopher Conte’s website.


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  1. Would you like to review a short (173 pages) collection of 15 autobiographical essays by Ugandan women who reflect on how traditional African culture shaped their lives, what they hope to preserve about their traditions in a time of globalization, and what they want to change? Their stories range from humorous to terrifying and tackle everything from sports to religion, but they are always interesting, insightful and revealing.

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  2. Hi Alia – glad I found your blog! It was good to chat to you and your parents after the Ian McEwan event this evening; looking forward to seeing what you make of The Nutshell…


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