The Matched Series – By Ally Condie

Dystopian, Romance

The Matched Series is a dystopian romance about Cassia, a teenage girl who lives in the Society, where the deterministic government have taken away choice and decide everything for its citizens. Cassia has always believed in the Society, and when she is matched to her best friend Xander, her belief grows ever stronger… until another face flashes on the matching screen for just a moment. Suddenly she has a choice thrust upon her. Who will she choose? Xander or Ky? The Society or rebellion?

The Matched books: Matched, Crossed and Reached, are beautifully constructed, especially Reached, because it is narrated in turn by each of the three main characters: Cassia, Xander and Ky. Perhaps you could guess which partner she will choose, as this choice has existed since The Garden of Eden, between the accepted and approved, and the illicit and forbidden. What makes this version of the famous dilemma different is the way the choice manifests why she made it.

This book is good for people who like easy-reading, dystopian books, and romantic novels. This book is not good for people who want brilliant pieces of literature, or very slow or fast-paced books. I would recommend the Matched Series for people 12 years old and older.

My Ratings (out of 10 As):

Plot/Story: AAAAAA

Writing: AAAAA

Pace: Medium


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